If Drake is the ‘Certified Lover Boy’, I’m choosing R&B singer SYD to be crowned as the ‘Certified Lover Girl’. After the release of her 2017 critically acclaimed solo debut album Fin, It will be extremely hard to refute these matters. 😊 

Syd’s voice is soft and sensual, when she’s in her bag you’re still mesmerized by her voice and how she lays the lyrics across your ear drums. Luckily during this very daunting, depressing but sometimes beautiful and optimistic pandemic Syd blessed the world with three great new singles to vibe too. “Missing out”, “Fast Car” and her latest “Right Track” featuring St. Louis rapper Smino. 

Each song hits very different “Missing out” is an ode to an ex that was, what she said⁉️ 🧏🏿‍♀️ “Missing tf out”! With her classic beautiful relaxed voice and tones Syd made me look at my partner side ways like “don’t fuck this up”😒… Please…🥺

“Fast Car” is another great song sonically. It has a bit of a more uptempo beat, with the same great Syd vocals and tones. The video for the song is beautiful as well. The Directors Ethan Nelson and Graham Epstein, the Cinematographer Jacob Kuba Bojsza, all definitely deserve a round of applause too for their work on the video. The whole vibe makes me want to run away with my love and go on a beautiful adventure to escape our everyday struggles. 💕

While I don’t necessarily feel old at all, Syd’s music make me feel young and exhilarated. Especially the song “Right Track” she’s giving those new love vibes 💗 you know, when you meet a new person and you’re crushing extremely hard and just want to be around them all the time.❤️‍🔥 It’s amazing and again I’m feeling the visuals for the song as well. I hope one of Syd’s many beautiful songs can be a part of people’s life experiences. Great things happen to Syd’s music; test the theory. 😉

Please, make sure to check out Syd’s very hot new singles! Circle back around to her album FIN ; add them all to your music rotations. Syd really deserves billions of support she is extremely musically inclined, she has a beautiful soulful voice and her music is a great escape. What more can we ask for?

Let me know what you think of her music after your explorations! 🙂

“Right Track” video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLJT7KXQhOs

“Fast Car” video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXgA3koewAo

Syd on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3jk39CGeaaSO3FPKNx1RUx

That’s all from me folks, until next time.


Diamond D.