So, Lil’ Mama recently dropped a new single!?!?

Well fairly recently, She dropped her single “UHOH” featuring dancehall artist Cobourine, early July and it’s a cute ass song ya’ll.

I know a lot of people still give Lil’ Mama the side eye after the 2009 VMA’s fiasco; when she dared to jump on stage during Alicia Key’s and Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind” performance… BUT, that was many moons ago and she has apologized many times since then; Explaining it was out of pure excitement for the love and energy of the performance.

I low-key fuck with Lil’ mama she’s definitely a true hustler. Since the VMA’s situation she has tried extremely hard to overcome that bad press and bring fourth her talent, whether it was in her acting roles or music. I really give it up to Lil’ Mama because no matter how much shit people talk about her or try to “Cancel” her in the music industry, she makes sure the hustle always out weigh the bullshit. (Much respect to that) ✊🏿

One thing about Lil’ mama I don’t think is appreciated enough is her creativity. No matter how often people talk about how old or hard in the face she looks, how “manly” she may seem, her music really outshines that. Lil Mama’s music is  always creative, fun and makes ME at least get up and dance. She definitely needs a little bit more respect on her name. She’s still in a lane of her own in my opinion and believe it or not Lil’ Mama probably the only female rapper that doesn’t rap about having sex all day. Somebody give this girl her flowers!

I don’t want to make this note really long but I do think everyone should listen and I hope you all enjoy Her new single “UHOH”. Especially because it’s Labor Day weekend and it definitely fits the vibe.

Explore more of her music and let me know what you think after listening.

That’s all from me folks! Check the links below.

Lil’ Mama UHOH video link

Lil’ Mama UHOH Apple Music Link

Lil’ Mama UHOH Spotify Link

Xoxo Diamond D.