The temperature is switching up on the east coast, and the freezing, icy cold weather is upon us.

Below is a list of the top 10 winter chic and cozy outerwear for you all to explore and hopefully shop for some of the winter fashion vibes you’re seeking this coming frosty season. Enjoy the list below!


All the outerwear listed was chosen from websites that also have brick-and-mortar stores around the US. I decided to do this because I believe it’s great to walk into a store and try items on to understand the fit and get the vibe; why not get out of the house to see the fashions live and in person?

Cost: $579.00

Cost: $950.00

Cost: $850.00

Cost: $199.00

Cost: $330.00

Cost: $1,650.00

Cost: $498.00

Cost: $675.00

Oblato Puffer Coat

Cost: $2,485.00

Cost: $2,140.00

❄️ I hope everyone enjoys shopping these winter outerwear fashions. ❄️