Self care has been an extremely important conversation for most people involved because it deals with taking care of the soul; which really illuminates us as humans. Self care looks different for everyone, it depends on your lifestyle and what needs in your life must be met for you to perform at your highest self or at least close to it. There are plenty of basic needs of self care that aren’t met for people daily and I want to add just a little tid bit of what I enjoy, what makes me feel really good like I can conquer the day. 

One of my favorite self care splurges I love indulging in are the natural products of soapology. Soapology is a store that sells handmade products like body oil, bar soaps, body scrubs, candles, creams and the list goes on. My first experience at soapology was this past summer celebrating NYC pride. The first thing that caught my attention was the store being open past 8pm and it was brightly lit; super inviting. I went into the store with no expectations I just wanted to see what they were selling. I loved the set up of the store because the products are neatly shelved on the walls from the ceiling to the floor. The aromas were pleasant and subtle, not having heavy scents like bath and body works type of stores.

The staff worker greeted my girlfriend and I, she was nice, she gave us this really cool hand washing experience using their soapology products around a classic clawfoot bathtub. I loved the experience and the feel of the products. I bought some to evaluate if they were good for daily use. My first purchase at soapology was a rainbow designed wax candle that could also be used as body oil, the walnut body scrub and two bars of soap. Since my first visit I’ve been back to the store three additional times, now I take advantage of their soap deal which one soap cost $8 and if you buy four you’ll get the 5th free, I’ve been consistent with the walnut body scrub and various candles.

I recommend the soapology brand because their products make my skin soft and moisturized, they’re made with natural and handmade ingredients compared to soaps that can be really harsh on our skin or just don’t perform enough in the moisture or cleansing department. When it comes to self care our body and our minds need to ingest these natural ingredients through the pores of our body and our airways.

Bathing and showering aid our bodies by calming our nervous systems, relieving our muscles, soothing itchy skin and rashes amongst many other benefits. To have products with properties to boost these benefits can be very rewarding. The products at soapology really get the job done in terms of taking your regular degular shower or bath experience to a top notch self care spa session on the daily 🙌🏾 .

Now I’m not telling anyone to replace their current soap or body wash with all of soapology products but I do believe it’s worth adding their products to your showering routine. I suggest everyone should take a visit to the store it’s located in the lower section of Manhattan on 67 8th Ave. You will not leave the store empty handed! Soapology products are also a great holiday gift for your friends and family, so don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

Let’s make this Holiday season a self care season!

Let me know what you decide to pick up after your visit to soapology!

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That’s all from me folks’!

XOXO Diamond D. 💋